Keyable Art Panels

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A Simon Liu original: bringing new maintenance potential to panels.


3/8" fiberglass honeycomb or 1/4" plywood.

Panel Profile

A range of options detailed below.

What is a Keyable Art Panel?

Highly valued by conservators, this inspired Simon Liu invention lends keyability to fine art panels. 

The design of our Keyable Art Panels compensates for any looseness in the canvas while also providing an exceptionally rigid painting surface and overall support. 

This is the ideal art support for conservators restoring an artwork where rigid backing is needed, but they also want to stretch the canvas lightly, avoiding too much stress on the perimeters. 

From there, they can key it out for optimal tension.

Features of our Keyable Art Panels

We offer surfaces in either 3/8″ fiberglass honeycomb or 1/4″ plywood.
Keyable Panel - Simon Liu Inc.

The key to an adjustable panel.

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