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With more than three decades at the forefront of crafting fine painting supports, Simon Liu Inc. continues to set the standard for inspired innovation and exceptional workmanship.

“Simon Liu? I thought he was a mythical figure.”

German Conservator, August 2018
Throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, it was a constant — a dash of yellow darting along the drab, pothole-strewn streets of SoHo and surrounding blocks just as that area dominated the art world. In fact, everywhere Simon Liu’s rusty but trusty 1974 Volkswagen Beetle ventured across the five boroughs, it was hard to miss.
Simon Liu Inc. + MUSEO Stretcher
Simon Liu Inc. + MUSEO Stretcher

Coming soon!

Simon Liu Inc. + Museo

Aluminum is among the most promising new frontiers in the world of art supports, and Simon Liu is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with leading manufacturer MUSEO to produce an innovative line of stretchers combing thin aluminum extrusion bodies with wooden lips. The series is designed to maximize durability, longevity, and convenience while preserving the highest levels of quality.

The Liu-MUSEO stretcher’s thin profile provides exceptionally lightweight support, while the easily-assembled members allow for a wide range of custom dimensions. Removable members also prevent crossbar interference while incorporating aluminum keying capabilities to further the integrity of the stretcher. Additionally, engineered wood presents an economic and environmentally-conscious option that can be built into the final stretcher. With Simon’s primary goal always to innovate, his upcoming MUSEO collaboration marks a breakthrough in affordability and craftsmanship — 100% guaranteed, as always. 

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From venerable classics to cutting-edge innovations, we produce exceptional canvas stretchers, including our American Traditional, Mechanical, Aluminum, Italian Style, French Style, and more.

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About Us

Welcome to Simon Liu, Inc., a premium art supports company based in Brooklyn, New York. By merging mechanical engineering with the arts for over 30 years, we excel at the fine craftsmanship of building canvas stretchers and other painting supports.

Simon Liu and his dedicated team of artisans operate from the belief that what supports a work of art is never an adjunct element, but an integral component. The superior design, feel, and strength of their products anchors an overall level of service that empowers artists to focus on their creativity, assures conservators of optimal preservation and longevity, and provides galleries and museums with the finest means of showcasing a piece.

Ultimately, what Simon Liu, Inc. builds best are relationships. His entire team takes great pride in collaborating closely with each client to meet their needs and generate a final product of peerless quality.

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