Composite Art Panels

Recommended for

Artists preferring an exceptionally stable yet lightweight option.


A honeycomb core.


Epoxy fiberglass or aluminum. (Maple or birch wood veneers can be added.)

Panel Profile

Can be constructed in six different edge treatments., detailed below.

Why choose from our Composite Art Panels?

Our Composite Art Panels provide exceptionally rigid, stable support for painting. 

We have two versions: one with an aluminum surface and aluminum honeycomb core, the other with a fiberglass surface and fiberglass honeycomb core

Both are lightweight and durable, with honeycomb fiberglass also being humidity insensitive.

Panel Profiles

Wood Edge with V-Groove

Wood Edge

Epoxy Filled (for curves only)

Wrapped Around Wood Edge

Wood Edge with Built-in Cleat

Angled Aluminum Edge with Wood Filler

Features of our Composite Art Panels

Sheets are available in 3/8″ and we can also add maple or birch wood veneers to the face, with additional wood veneers available upon request.
Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel - Simon Liu Inc.
A lightweight champion.

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