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Discover our Design & Engineering services for crafting uniquely shaped stretchers and panels; our On Site services; and our Stretching & Priming services.

Our Services

Services - Designing & Engineering - Simon Liu Inc.

Design & Engineering

We will collaborate with you to design and engineer a solution for any stretcher, panel or installation. We specialize in designing uniquely shaped stretchers and panels. Or provide us with a drawing or a digital file and we will engineer it. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it!


On Site

Artwork too valuable or too large to move?
Unsure of how to describe your requirements?

We provide several on site services such as stretching, evaluations, and measuring of artwork. Special arrangements are possible for projects outside of the NY Metro area.

Services - On Site - Simon Liu Inc.
Services - Stretching & Priming - Simon Liu Inc.

Stretching & Priming


We stretch raw or primed cotton and linen onto stretchers or panels.


The finest canvases and linens are hand primed to suit your needs.

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