About Simon Liu Inc.

A History of Innovation and Exceptional Workmanship

For more than 30 years, Simon Liu Inc. has integrated mechanical engineering know-how with the visual arts, bringing an unrivaled level of craftsmanship and quality to fine art supports. Our customers range from leading conservators, blue-chip artists and world-renowned museums to emerging talents and students.

And whoever the client or whatever the project, we believe that the support for an artwork is not an adjunct element, but an integral component. Design, feel, and craftsmanship are factors we consider just as important as the art support’s integral strength, which we maximize to protect the condition of the artwork throughout its life.

Overall, we approach our work with the same passion, dedication, pride, and restless pursuit of excellence that artists bring to their creations.

And we look forward to working with you.


Discover our Design & Engineering Services for crafting uniquely-shaped stretchers and panels. Plus, we also offer a selection of On-Site Services and Stretching & Priming Services.

Design & Engineering​

We will collaborate with you to design and engineer a solution for any stretcher, panel, or installation project.

On-Site Services

We provide several on-site services, including stretching, evaluations, and artwork measuring.

Stretching & Priming​

We stretch raw or primed cotton and linen onto stretchers or panels. We also hand-prime the finest canvases and linens.

Our Team

Even after more than three decades at the forefront of building fine art supports, Simon and his staffers still bring fresh inspiration and creativity to their work every day.

Meet some of the dedicated individuals behind our business…

Simon Liu - Founder - Simon Liu Inc.

Simon Liu

Co-Founder, President

As a young art student, Simon couldn’t find any stretchers that were as strong and reliable as he wanted. Anything available was flimsy, warped, and difficult to work with. And so, merging his art experience with his mechanical engineering background, Simon literally took matters into his own hands. From there, what he built gradually built a following, which in turn built Simon Liu Inc. and a reputation for excellence that remains unsurpassed in the art world, and beyond, to this day.

Our Customers

Our customers include active artists, museums, galleries, and conservators. Read some of the testimonials from our satisfied clients!

Stanley Casselman

Artist | New York

I’ve known Simon and have been using his stretchers since 1986. And although his operation has expanded considerably, one thing has not changed…the quality of the work. If Simon ever retires the world will stop spinning!

Stanley Casselman

Byron Kim

Artist | Brooklyn, New York

Simon has an engineering background which is truly unique in the field. Whenever I’ve had a problematic painting support issue that needs solving, Simon looks at it as an interesting challenge that can always be overcome. Working with Simon…(has) been a pleasure. 

Byron Kim

Elsworth Kelly

Artist | New York

I have relied on Simon Liu for fabricating stretchers for my paintings for over 10 years. My work requires the highest level of precision and exceptional craftsmanship and that is what Simon Liu provides.

Elsworth Kelly

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