Independent Keying Stretchers

Recommended for

Strength and versatile maintenance potential.


Two Tite-Joint® fasteners per joint, one on each side of every corner.


Sugar pine.

Stretcher Bar Profile

Continuous bevel or L-shaped options.

What is an Independent Keying Stretcher?

Like the Mechanical Stretcher, the Independent Keying stretcher utilizes Tite-Joint™ fasteners, only doubled up, with two (one on each side) for each corner. 

This system affords greater options for targeted keying while maintaining a stronger joint. 

Choose from a flat back continuous bevel profile; an L-shaped tongue and groove profile; or an L-shaped biscuit joint profile. Wood shims provide optimal keying.

Sizing Chart Information

In addition to the standard sizing options below, we can also accommodate custom requests.
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Code Weight Thickness Width
Up to Heavy

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