Single-Sided Art Panels

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Ease, affordability, reliability.


Various designs depending on size and strength.


American birch plywood.

Panel Profile

A range of options detailed below.

What is a Single-Sided Art Panel?

Rigid and reliable, with the face comprised of a single piece of furniture-grade 1/4″ birch plywood with a whole-piece face veneer atop a well-structured strainer, our Single-Sided Art Panels are the most economical art support option. 

Panel Profiles​

Standard Stock

Reverse Stock

Flip Stock

Reverse Stock with Beveled Back

Features of our Single-Sided Art Panels

Along with the option of built-in cleats, we have two types of cradling for our Single-Sided panels: L-shaped or rectangular stock.

The standard thickness of a single-sided panel is 2″. Reverse stock and flip stock are available upon request (and only reverse stock with a beveled back requires any additional charge).

Single-Sided Panel - Simon Liu Inc.

Solid beauty.

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